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02 June 2017

The American science fiction drama television series The "Eighth Sense" created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski together with J. Michael Strazhinsky, captivated audiences around the world not only with his original idea, but also with the fact that The shooting was almost completely done in nature in a lot of cities around the world. This was noted by a special award from the Guild of Specialists in field surveys. He also received the GLAAD Media Award in the category "Best Dramatic Series" and a nomination for an Emmy for a musical introduction. June 1, 2017 it was announced that the second season of the "Eighth Sense" was the last. In total, 22 episodes and a Christmas special edition were shot.

# 56: The eighth sense / Sense8

In this series, the coolest is the idea to connect mentally people from different points of the planet who have never been familiar in real life, but feel an inextricable link between themselves. Each member of the team has some unique qualities that help children in this or that situation to solve their personal problems and protect their cluster from the impending threat. And since they live different in countries, the viewer will also be interested in moving to different locations from the snowy Icelandic mountains to the African village and watch different genres from Mexican passions to criminal German showdowns. Each character has a personal story, but they are all different, so you can easily choose your favorites even for the most fastidious taste. I even like the titles, in which I cut different cultures. For the picture, musical accompaniment and cute actors, it's not a sin to put the highest score.

But there are several questions that have not yet been answered by the scriptwriters. For example, if a cluster is born on the same day, then why did they begin to feel each other as adults? In theory, this connection would have been with them since childhood. But they are clearly acquainted with each other for the first time only now. If an organization is afraid of sensei, then why are they not afraid of the same hunters who catch others? I think that the creators still have hidden trumps for the recently released second season, so I'll definitely watch the sequel to clarify the situation. At first I missed those very points of intersection between the senses. Their connection was felt more theoretically, therefore it seemed that I was watching several films at the same time. The most important thing is the Korean line. The character of San Buck immediately attracted me to the contrast – a restrained businesswoman and professional fighter. Each of her appearances in the life of her companions necessarily provides physical assistance in critical situations, so she acts as a defender for the cluster, as does Wolfgang. Although his line with criminal disassembly, like the African story with the Cafe, is not in my taste.

Even less intriguing melodrama in India. Honestly, the benefits of Kala are not enough for now, despite the fact that the girl is pretty. But I did not understand her sacrifice. It seems that my parents did not force her into marriage. Then why these pissing? With Mexicans, everything is clear. They grew up on soap operas, so theatricality and demonstrative wringing of hands in love torments in their blood. In fact, from Riley on headphones, too, no good, until after her Gorski did not priudaril. I also like Nomi, because the topic of hacking is interesting and modern. But from the lesbian calf tenderness you get tired a little. Plausibility in films is, of course, good if it is within reason. To fairly frank bedside scenes, I'm okay, although these joint orgies are balancing on the verge of eroticism and pornography. Blood and guts are also tempered by thrillers, especially Asian ones. But it was not very pleasant to look at the process of procreation so openly. But you get used to the characters, that's why every new episode becomes more and more tight.

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