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05 July 2017

The name of the Polish director Lukas Palkovsky did not practically sound until the appearance of "Gods" in the cinematic environment. The Grand Prix of the National Film Festival in Gdynia in 2015 made him a star. Palkovsky proved that it is possible to make a film that will be a worthy film production and at the same time will win the hearts of the broadest spectator, and also what can be told about an outstanding compatriot without going to extremes without edifying idealization.

# 60: The Gods / Bogowie

About modern Polish cinema in our region, almost nothing is audible, although their paintings differ not only in quality, but also in non-trivial plots. The medical drama of Lukas Palkovski also left a very pleasant impression. Moreover, as a person visiting medical institutions in cases of extreme necessity, it was instructive for me to learn the history of the first heart transplantation operations conducted in Poland under the guidance of cardiac surgeon Zbigniew Religion. First, it was curious to know the attitude of ordinary people and doctors directly to heart transplantation. It seems to me that any experimental operation provokes resonance in a society when some are extremely sensitive to the ethical side of the issue, while others understand that without progress and errors there will be no progress. And here we are talking about such a vital organ as the heart. Physicians, of course, are devoid of any romanticism because of their profession and perceive the heart objectively as a muscle, but for the average person, the heart is the place of emotional experiences. Dialogue with the mother of the donor is one of the most emotional episodes.

Secondly, the personality of Zbigniew Religion is very unusual. His dedication undoubtedly deserves respect. Not every person devotes himself to work, sacrificing even his personal life. Given the previous unfortunate experience of his predecessor and the flurry of criticism that hit his head, such experiments with small chances of success all the more need courage. In principle, every genius in his industry from the outside seems not just crazy, but obsessed with his idea. It's no wonder that many frightened the assertiveness of the protagonist. In addition, such operations require huge costs. And who will finance the project out of his pocket, without guarantees that the case will burn out? But I was not confused by the ambitiousness of the cardiac surgeon, how much his motivation. It seems that he climbs out of the skin to prolong people's lives, because that is his true vocation. But the moment with the failed operation a little embarrassed. Or maybe it's just for one's own vanity and the desire to be the first among the best? In the end, the image of the protagonist reveals itself, allowing for a strict white robe to discern not only a mad scientist, but also a person compassionate to someone else's grief outside the operating theater.

As for the production of the film itself, first of all I would like to note the actor's play of Tomas Kot, who plays the main role. It's hard for me to judge how well he reincarnated, because I've never seen him in other ways before. But his stooping gait and sidelong glance made the image of the Religion vivid and memorable. It was even amusing to watch him firing from time to time, but as soon as he reached the operation, he instantly became serious and collected. The film itself was shot qualitatively. Even though the examination of the internal organs does not bring me aesthetic pleasure, I can not throw out the words from the lyrics, so the atmosphere in the operating room seemed convincing and realistic to me. Most importantly, the two-hour timing is not particularly felt. And if you look globally on the film, it's not just a biodiscus about a Polish cardiac surgeon, but a story about how not to give up after a few failures and move on, how to remain a person and be professional, how people cling to hope and rejoice at every new day , Reclaimed from the disease. This is what makes the film universal for all viewers.

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