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06 October 2017

The biographical film of the director's Menno Meyes tells of the life of the bullfighter Manuel Laureano Rodriguez Sanchez and his scandalous novel with actress Lupe Sino, about whom they said: "At third, she is Ava Gardner, a third – Carmen and a third is a big problem! ". Despite the fact that not live animals were used in bullfighting scenes, but modeled, animal rights activists encouraged the boycott of the film. "It's unacceptable to release a film in which the protagonist is a matador" – the Anticorrida allies were indignant. Nevertheless, the premiere of the film was held on August 28, 2008 at the International Film Festival in Toronto.

# 69: Manolete / Manolete

Bullfighting in modern Spain no longer enjoys such wild excitement as in the old days. Now this is, perhaps, too cruel a spectacle, demonstrating the coolness of the torero, impresses more tourists. But so far bullfights are an important part of the Spanish cultural heritage as a national fun. Therefore, the Tavromachy and the theme of death very often rise in art. Director Menno Meyes decided to take down the biopic about one of the most popular toreodors Manolete, considered a national hero, and his uneasy relationship with actress Lupe Sino. The film simply absorbs the Spanish atmosphere. It seems that through the screen you feel the scorching heat, the silent tension of the spectators in the arena and the mad adrenaline of brave souls or madmen who risk their lives.

First of all I want to praise the cast because they made a passionate picture out of the usual melodrama, leaving a pleasant impression with emotional intensity. I do not really like Adrian Brody, considering his appearance as specific, but he's just the perfect Manolete really. Look at the photos on the Internet, where the resemblance is really impressive. But I was more attracted by Penelope Cruz. She was again in the guise of a fatal Spanish woman. And she has nothing to play here, in principle. It's enough just to put on a red tight dress and immediately captures the spirit from her charisma and temperament. So I admired the actors and was happy to follow the developments, anticipating the very same Spanish breakthrough finale, for which I love their cinema so much.

The paradox in the relationship of the main characters is precisely what he said to her, she allegedly underestimates herself. But he was not confident in himself and in his abilities, believing that he was interesting only in the role of a matador, as if he only in the arena can be a real man with perseverance and endurance. And in fact, in fact, the most important thing in a relationship is when both partners allow themselves to be just themselves. After all, being alone with your loved one does not really need to be ideal, successful, popular, etc. The problem with Manolet is that he believed that Lupe is too smart for him, so he meets with him because of his position in society. And when his career began to fade quietly against the background of a younger and more pompous rival, then jealousy arose out of fear of losing his woman. Most often, because of such nonsense, many couples poison each other's lives. Although there is no doubt that she also loved him, like him. Otherwise, would she ask him to finish his career and give up the fight?

In other, Lupe, too, with an ambition. As a true woman, she takes male attention with pleasure. But too proud and proud to admit Manolete that depends on him emotionally. Such a feeling that she pre-prepared her own waste ways, so she did not want to give up her freedom and independence. His jealousy at the same time and flattered, but also offends her, he says he does not trust her. But she never aspired to change his mind or talk normally. On the contrary, she sometimes provoked him to jealousy on purpose. But Lupe, too, can be understood. She is not one of those women who can be closed in the kitchen, so she cooks borscht and meets her husband from work, dealing with children. I think, like any other actress, it is important for her to see in her not only a pretty face, but also a personality, so that she also respects her interests and views on life. Despite all the obvious feelings on the part of Manolete, I do not think that he could understand it in this regard. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to give forecasts for this pair. Was there an opportunity for another final? Of course! Would he have arranged the main characters? This is a difficult question.

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