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December 21, 2016

15 years after the release of the first part of the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" these films still remain unsurpassed in the genre of epic film news. Directed by Peter Jackson literally did not regret anything for recreating the Middle-earth peace from books Tolkien, afterwards having received the most prestigious awards for the work done title.

Apparently, the laurels of the director did not give rest to the TV men all these years, and, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter very soon we are waiting for five seasons of the series "The Lord of the Rings" ! For this large-scale task, Amazon undertook to invest in the new project one billion dollars – a record amount for the blue screen.

The corporation has already acquired the rights to television screening for $ 250 million, having overtaken itself Netflix . The production of the series under the contract with the publishing house HarperCollins in Amazon has two years, so most likely we are about to find out the name of the director and what will be cast.

Cinema fans will be happy to know that the show may introduce familiar faces, as the producers have permission to "use materials from the film."

We are waiting for further news about the project!

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