Alexander Kogan presented a new video for the anthem of the fans "My country, my team" | Music


20 June 2018

The "football fever" took possession not only of the fans, but also of many creative people, for example, the prolific Russian singer, multiple prize winner "Golden Gramophone", "Song year and RU.TV Alexander Kogan starred in a video for the song, "My country, my team" which was written specifically for the World Cup in Russia .

The video was filmed in Moscow for two days, during which Alexander Kogan performed a song in the studio "My country, my team" . The video clip was recorded in the stadiums and fan zones of the capital. The main director of the clip was Alexey Golubev on account of which almost one hundred video works for the stars of domestic and foreign stage, such as Dima Bilan, Eros Ramazotti, Olga Buzova, Polina Gagarin and Yulia Samoilova.

The text of the song and arrangements for it Alexander Kogan recorded in collaboration with the famous composer Alexander Shevchenko known from work Alsou, Nikolai Trubach, Irina Allegrova and other popular Russian performers.

"I know that a lot of songs, videos and hymns dedicated to football teams and national teams – a lot," said Alexander Kogan . – But the songs that would have been written specifically for the fans, on the contrary, are very few. And I decided to correct this situation, because I consider it unfair such a state of affairs. After all, the fans and fans are the same participants in the great football holiday on a par with football players and coaches. "

According to Alexander Kogan it is very important for Russian football players to feel that the fans support them and are ready to stand for their team shoulder to shoulder. "Our country has been awarded the great honor of hosting the World Cup and I am confident that in the native walls of the Russian team will show everything what it is capable of!" – concluded the singer.

In many countries, the release of songs about sports by well-known pop artists has already become a good tradition. For example, in England before each major football tournament, which serves the national team, an unofficial anthem is released. And often these songs fall into the tops of the music charts.

And how do you "fence for ours" you?

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