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January 11, 2018

Monday, January 15

A great day for careful and scrupulous work in all areas of life. An energetically difficult day, perhaps a worsening of the mood for no apparent reason. Try not to interfere in other people's conversations and conflicts, and if possible avoid communication with strangers. Do not be sad and keep an even mood. Business: engage in ongoing activities.

Tuesday January 16

An energetically active day, today one can not be passive. If you feel an excess of strength and aggression, give yourself always a good physical load. And the aspects between a number of planets will strengthen the ability to concentrate and help determine the correct direction of motion. Be generous with the surrounding people today. Business: do charity.

Wednesday January 17

For the period from 09.30 hours to 11.32 hours in Moscow, do not plan important events, meetings, negotiations. A great day, set yourself up for positive and build plans for the coming month. But for now, do not start anything new. Do cleaning and cleaning the house and workplace, throw away all unnecessary things. Forgive your grievances and ask forgiveness for yourself. Business: do your planning.

Thursday, January 18

Favorable day, today it is good to start a diet and exercise. And excellent aspects between a number of planets will present inner harmony and awaken creative activity. Live in the usual rhythm, listen to your desires and follow them. Pay attention to the new information coming in this day. Business: create in a team of like-minded people.

Friday, January 19

For a period of time from 14.52 hours to 23.27 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. An excellent creative day. If you have long needed to write an interesting text or a piece of music, rather sit at the desk. Emotionally, today may not be calm, try not to enter into conflicts and avoid acute angles in communication, both at work and at home. There may be provocations from competitors or ill-wishers, be careful. Business: do the current job.

Saturday 20 January

Spend this day in a measured and calm manner, listen to your desires. Follow the usual rhythm of life. If some things do not add up today, postpone them for another day. A great day for creative work and for work related to beauty – for designers, artists.

Sunday, January 21

Today there will be a lot of energy, give yourself a good physical load: go to the gym or engage in active physical work. Pamper yourself and your loved ones with a delicious lunch. If in a relationship with a loved one something does not go well, talk heart to heart and find out the relationship. A good day for training and for meetings with friends.

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