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16 February 2018

Monday, February 26

A calm and harmonious day, today it is better not to rush anywhere and listen carefully to yourself. Intuition will be on top, and it will be easier for you to understand the answers to your queries. Try to look at all your business from the other side in order to find a new and non-standard solution. On this day it will be useful to turn to the past and mentally ask for forgiveness from the people you have offended. And try to forgive yourself all the grievances. Business: get involved in charity.

Tuesday February 27

For a period of time to 07.42 hours in Moscow, do not plan important matters, meetings, negotiations. A good day for pre-planned financial transactions and for generating new ideas on this topic. A favorable day is also for communicating with management, and for the presentation of their projects. There may be a desire for irrepressible shopping, if it does not enter into your plans, restrain yourself. Business: return to solving incomplete problems and tasks.

Wednesday February 28

Energetically not a quiet day, will increase tension and excessive militancy. Ambitions and the desire to lead can prevail in communication at work and with close people. Be careful and careful on the roads and behind the wheel. Try to translate internal aggression into active work or sport. Above excessive ambition and pride. Business: do the current job.

Thursday March 1st

For a period of up to 08.58 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. A good day for mental work and to include your logic at full power. A great day to work on yourself and for self-improvement. Refer to the manual for various questions. Business: do your planning.

Friday 02 March

Today is a full moon, a difficult day, complexities and misunderstandings are possible. Everything that happens to you today is not accidental. There may be mood swings. Do not count on anyone's help today and do not believe in promises. People today can be extremely critical of one another and suspicious. Try to be tolerant and do not go to conflict. Business: postpone important financial transactions for another day.

Saturday March 03

For a period of up to 11.21 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. A busy day, a downturn in business and intellectual activity is possible. On this day you can suddenly see all the shortcomings of a loved one, do not rush to draw conclusions. Today, a lot of energy, so everyone can be a little electrified and ready for a fight. Be careful and get away from finding out the relationship. To harmonize your condition, clean the house, do yoga and meditation.

Sunday 04 March

A calm and bright day, spend it in a circle of family and friends. Pay attention to the events of this day, they are the result of your actions in the last month. Refrain from any destructive action. Take time to be alone with yourself and restore spiritual harmony.

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