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09 December 2017

Monday 18 December

For the period from 16.10 hours to 16.34 hours in Moscow, do not plan important events, meetings, negotiations. A great day, set yourself up for positive and build plans for the future. But for now, do not start anything new. Do cleaning and cleaning the house and workplace, throw away all unnecessary things. Memorize new ideas, thoughts and people of this day. Business: do the current job.

Tuesday December 19

Auspicious day, spend it peacefully, calmly and slowly. Live in the usual rhythm, listen to your desires and follow them. Today, one does not need to prove anything too strongly, persuade someone and stand on one's own. In the evening, pay more attention to the home and especially the children. A good day for all esoteric practices. Business: do financial work.

Wednesday December 20

For a period of time after 18.37 hours in Moscow do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Active day, today you can not be passive. If you feel an excess of strength and aggression, give yourself always a good physical load. The complex aspect between a series of planets will incline to extremes in everything, and will bring us high sensitivity, emotional instability, a tendency to rudeness in speech. Monitor negative emotions so that no one can spoil your mood. Business: get involved in charity.

Thursday, December 21

For a period of time to 05.30 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. A busy day, a conflict can erupt on an even place. The surrounding people will be aggressive, so avoid pressure when dealing with issues. Wisdom and calmness will help to avoid a quarrel. Think of the trends of this day philosophically, it's all temporary. Today is a great day for creative people and for various experiments. Business: work on creative projects.

Friday December 22

Spend the day calmly and contemplatively, try not to rush anywhere and be alone with yourself. Listen to your intuition and be able to get an answer to the question that bothers you. Avoid pessimism and sad notes in conversations! Beware of sharing your inmost thoughts with casual acquaintances. Speak less and listen more. Business: work with documents and financial reports.

Saturday December 23

For a period of time from 13.13 hours to 17.42 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Try to keep up all day. If you feel in yourself an excess of energy, go to the gym or do physical work. A good day to go out, to visit museums, exhibitions and theaters. Pay more attention to beauty and everything that is associated with it.

Sunday December 24th

Calm and wise day. Today, avoid haste, bustle, take time to calmly reflect on your life. Mentally thank fate for the good that you have and have had. Be merciful to those around you. Help those who turn to you for help.

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