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06 October 2017

Monday 09 October

Spend the day calmly and fairly passively, do not force events and do not rush. Serious business and new businesses postponed for another day. The background of the day will not be quite calm. A number of aspects of the planets will add to us nervousness and internal tension and will complicate the development of affairs. Try to be more practical and organized today, otherwise you can face financial problems. Business: do the current job.

Tuesday October 10

An active day, there will be many forces, direct them to resolve current issues. Spend the day on the move, today you can not be passive. Try to maintain a level disposition of the spirit, do not be nervous over trifles and avoid aggressive behavior. Since the events that occur can check for stamina and self-control. Business: get involved in charity.

Wednesday October 11

For a period of time to 06.38 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. A difficult day, the energy of the day is heavy and provokes a loss of faith in yourself and irritability. Try to avoid mass gathering of people, avoid quarrels and clarify the relationship. Be careful on the roads and behind the wheel. Business: refrain from major financial transactions and transactions.

Thursday, October 12

An interesting day, which brings favorable opportunities and happy events. Pay attention to the signs of fate and listen to your intuition. A number of favorable aspects between the planets will contribute to the surge of power and the increase in personal charm. This is a good time for sports, for love and recreation. Business: work on improving skills.

Friday October 13

An excellent and bright day. This is a good time to start new projects related to the beauty of creativity. And a good time for new romantic acquaintances. At the same time, we will be attuned to accuracy, attentiveness and pedantry. And work with complex documents on this day will work out well. Business: conduct presentations and promotions.

Saturday October 14

A great day, spend it actively, go to the gym or for a walk. Physical exercise will add strength and help relieve unnecessary stress. A good day for creativity, as well as for visiting exhibitions, presentations, the theater or a concert. Smile more, maintain a good mood and enjoy life.

Sunday October 15

For the period from 08.28 hours to 14.19 hours in Moscow, do not plan important events, meetings, negotiations. Today is an energetically saturated day, so all of our positive and negative qualities are amplified many times. So watch yourself. If you feel in yourself an excess of energy, go to the gym or actively take a walk.

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