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08 September 2017

Monday 11 September

For a period of time to 22.30 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Try to keep up all day. If you feel in yourself an excess of energy, go to the gym or do physical work. Complex aspects between a number of planets can awaken in us excessive capriciousness, the tendency of self-pity, and the desire to blame other people for their problems. Business: do the current job.

Tuesday, September 12

A busy day, the conflict can erupt on an even place. The surrounding people will be aggressive, so avoid pressure when dealing with issues. Wisdom and calmness will help to avoid a quarrel. Think of the trends of this day philosophically, it's all temporary. And the complex aspect between Neptune and the Moon will confuse thoughts and awaken a pessimistic attitude in us. Business: transfer large financial transactions for another day.

Wednesday, September 13

For a period of time after 21.36 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Spend the day actively, finish the business already started and do not be afraid of obstacles. A number of excellent aspects of the planets will give a good mood, harmony of feelings and inspiration. Today, such qualities as solidity and sustainability will be especially appreciated. Ideas can arise on the organization, stabilization of work processes and finances. Business: communicate with partners and with sponsors.

Thursday, September 14

Spend the day calmly, today you will want peace and seclusion. The complex aspect between Saturn and the Sun will bring to the surface all that we are implicitly concerned about – heavy memories, fears, anxiety. You will begin to think about what you long for, but you can not reach it yet. Do not be sad and do not run away from solving these problems, do not rush to analyze them. Business: do the current job.

Friday September 15

A great day, which will give us a happy and joyful mood. Pay more attention to the needs and requests of others. Communicate more and go out into the light. Today it will be easier for a woman to show her charm and charm. A good day for all those who work with the audience and the public. Business: conduct presentations and promotions.

Saturday, September 16

Active day, all people can be set up unnecessarily bellicose. Be careful and careful not to break wood. Plan a lot of different things and act. Try to observe delicacy in relation to close people, be careful in words and try to express yourself more tactfully.

Sunday September 17

A great day, today we want to play and shine in all its glory, as if on the stage of the theater. Come out into the light, go to the exhibition, to the theater or to dinner with friends. Take up creative projects. Unexpected discoveries, finds and intuitive insights are possible. Find more time for a romantic relationship with your loved one.

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