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13 April 2018

Monday 16 April

For the period from 08.59 hours to 11.51 hours in Moscow, do not plan important events, meetings, negotiations. Today is the new moon. Good and bright day. Live in the usual rhythm, listen to your desires and follow them. Put in order at home and in the workplace, throw away unnecessary things. Pay attention to new ideas and events of this day, remember them. Business: do your planning.

Tuesday April 17

Active day, today you can not be passive. Plan a lot of things and act. It will be easy to study and work, which requires scrupulousness and good concentration. On this day, intuition intensifies, and creative abilities increase. Therefore, listen to yourself and you will be able to get answers to important life issues. This is a good day for presentations and promotions. Business: work with documents.

Wednesday April 18

For a period of up to 15.02 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. A bright and creative day that can bring sudden insights and interesting discoveries. Freedom of mind and excessive electrification can provoke sharp actions. Watch the words, today it is very easy to offend the casual word of a loved one. And an excellent aspect between a number of planets will give us positive news and help in matters. Business: work on individual projects.

Thursday, April 19

Spend the day calmly, try not to rush and make important decisions. A number of aspects of the planets will bring us high sensitivity and emotional disappointment. There is a danger of confusion, intrigue and misunderstanding, be careful with the dosage of medications. Watch for the safety of things – there may be losses and forgetfulness, as well as fraud attempts. Business: do current business.

Friday 20 April

For the period from 15.05 hours to 17.27 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Active and creative day. If you feel an excess of strength and aggression, give yourself always a good physical load. Excellent aspects between a number of planets will bring us interesting news in work and in your personal life, new ideas and suggestions. A good day to meet with partners and to discuss business projects. Business: create new ideas.

Saturday, April 21

Spend the day calmly and not hurrying. Go with your family to the nature, go for a walk in the park, meditate on the surface of the water. Take time to be alone with yourself and do creativity. Forgive all those on whom you hold a grudge and forgive yourself! This is periodically necessary to do in order to continue its journey easily and lightly.

Sunday April 22

For the period from 17.58 hours to 20.09 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Quite a busy day. Can overwhelm emotions, will increase the degree of irritability and self-will. There will be a lot of energy, try to direct this energy in the right direction. Do active physical work or go to the gym. A traumatic day, be careful when using electrical appliances. And also be especially careful on the roads and behind the wheel.

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