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26 April 2018

Monday 30 April

Today is a full moon, a pretty busy day. In the coming days before and after the full moon facts may be revealed that we did not suspect, and problems that we did not want to notice would emerge. Conflicts, disagreements and disputes may arise. At this time, it is important not to cut from the shoulder, do not fix on the grievances and release negative emotions. It is better to calmly start to free ourselves from those situations that prevented us from moving forward. Business: get involved in charity.

Tuesday 01 May

For the period up to 18.20 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Energetically saturated day, today you can not be passive. Plan a lot of things and act. Increases physical energy, improves health. Concentrate on matters that require pressure, but not scrupulousness. Patience and endurance today may not be enough. Business: do the current job.

Wednesday May 2

Emotionally not a quiet day. It can storm with amplitude from joy to self-pity, and do not grab the attention of close people. There will be a desire to find out the relationship with your soul mate. Show wisdom and patience. The craving for sweets today can become invincible, if your plans do not include getting a few extra pounds, restrain yourself. Business: work on international projects.

Thursday 03 May

A great day for communication, for presenting your projects to management and sponsors. And also for training, advanced training and for studying foreign languages. Show generosity, nobility and the ability to forgive. And you will be rewarded a hundredfold from the universe. There will be a desire to dream and wander in the clouds, read novels and poems about love. Business: conduct presentations and promotions.

Friday May 04

Spend this day calmly, try not to rush and do not force events. Do not make hasty conclusions and be careful when accepting someone else's suggestions. On this day, facts can be distorted, and it will be difficult to objectively analyze the situation. A favorable aspect between a number of planets will give us energy and a burst of energy, but at the same time will increase nervousness and the degree of emotional tension. Business: do organizational work.

Saturday 05 May

A good day, devote it best to working on yourself and self-improvement. Today, read more, improve your skills and transfer knowledge. It is very good to study the ancient books and the wisdom of the ancients. Take time to meditate and practice breathing exercises.

Sunday May 06

For a period of time from 16.48 hours to 17.49 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. An active and creative day, in each of us the creative principle awakens. So this is a great time to practice creativity. On this day, give more time to relatives and friends, prepare a delicious dinner for them. Or go all together for a walk.

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