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10 February 2018

Monday, February 12

An active and fruitful day. You plan a lot of things for this day and start implementing them. A number of distinct aspects between the planets will give a charge of energy and cheerfulness, a cheerful mood and a desire to roll mountains, as well as a fighting offensive spirit. It's a great day for creativity and for generating new ideas. To impress today, you need to demonstrate yourself in a non-standard way. Business: hold meetings and negotiations.

Tuesday February 13

For the period from 08.43 hours to 18.12 hours in Moscow, do not plan important events, meetings, negotiations. This day is better to devote to professional and intellectual activity. Today is a good day for the resumption of negotiations and lost contacts, for communicating with the leadership and broadening the horizons. And also it's a good day for training and further training. Business: work with clients.

Wednesday February 14

Not an unequivocal day of influence. A number of aspects of the planets will provoke the lack of ability to concentrate, excessive vanity and delay. If you have important business, go to the meeting in advance. And a number of other aspects of the planets will strengthen our desire for freedom and independence. On this day, everything may seem boring and there will be a great desire to break all the bonds and break out of the restrictions. But do not rush to cut from the shoulder, the consequences can be regretted later. Business: do the current job.

Thursday, February 15

Spend the day calmly and relaxed, try not to rush anywhere and do not force events. And because of a number of tense aspects between the planets, a tendency to rash actions, hasty decisions will increase. During this period it is necessary to control oneself so that the desire to defend one's point of view does not take aggressive forms. Business: postpone large financial transactions for another day.

Friday, February 16

Today is a solar eclipse. This day brings summing up, the completion of the old stages, and also brings new circumstances into our lives, lays new trends for the coming weeks and even months. Sensitive people can experience stress, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Now we need to be very self-controlled, careful and realistic. Do not act self-confidently, defending your interests. In solving problems, personal contacts, the ability to compromise and balance the interests will play an important role.

Saturday, February 17

Spend the day calmly, take care of household chores, pay more attention to children. If you feel too much strength, give yourself a good load in the gym or go for a walk with the whole family. Arrange a quiet family dinner with candles. And do not take hasty decisions.

Sunday, February 18

For a period of time to 15.05 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Energetically very strong day – set a goal and act! Direct your energy to constructive practical activities. Go in for sports. This day you can not be passive.

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