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17 March 2018

Monday March 19

For a period of time after 22.29 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. A day that carries a strong energy. Today you can feel a surge of strength, try to direct them into a positive and creative channel. Avoid aggression, malice and uncompromising. A great day for training and further training. Business: conduct presentations and promotions.

Tuesday March 20

Another interesting day, bringing new opportunities. Today, these opportunities are associated with the manifestation of your personal activity. Plan your plans, set concrete practical goals and act. An ally in all your affairs will be tact and sense of proportion, as well as resourcefulness and ingenuity. Take time to practice sports and give yourself a good physical load. Business: work with documents.

Wednesday March 21

For a period of time after 20.21 hours in Moscow, do not plan important matters, meetings, negotiations. Harmonious and positive day. Thanks to a number of magnificent aspects between the planets, this is an excellent time for communication, travel and active social life. Come out into the world, communicate more, visit cultural events, exhibitions and theater. And spend the evening with your loved one. Your meeting today can be particularly passionate. Business: get involved in charity.

Thursday, March 22

For a period of time until 08.30 clock in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. This is a day created for numerous contacts and communication. Include charisma and sense of humor and forward – to establishing new connections. Today is an excellent day for reconciliation, if you have long been with someone in a quarrel. And also for establishing relationships with children and with family members. Business: engage in ongoing activities.

Friday, March 23

It's a great day for creativity, and also to get answers to your important questions. For this, remember the incoming information of this day and listen to your intuition. Be especially attentive to your actions, words and actions. In order to succeed today – train the sharpness of words and the clarity of expression. Business: hold meetings and negotiations.

Saturday March 24

For a period of up to 11.53 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Spend the day calmly and contemplatively, do not rush or force events. To all events of this day, treat philosophically. Show sympathy and understanding towards your close people. Avoid finding out the relationship and swearing at trifles.

Sunday March 25

Today, take care of household chores – turn on the "home fairy". Prepare a delicious dinner and indulge yourselves with your attention. And the favorable aspects of a number of planets will strengthen our creativity and intuition, awaken artistic inspiration and give romantic dreams. Take care of your favorite hobby.

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