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09 March 2018

Monday 12 March

For a period of time after 18.36 hours in Moscow do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Energetically very powerful day, plan a lot of things and act. Today you can not be passive. Learn new information, improve your skills. If today there are not very pleasant events, it is a payment for the previous mistakes. Do not be sad, just analyze them, and go ahead. A number of distinct aspects between the planets will contribute to a good mood, success in relationships and spiritual harmony. Business: work on documents and reports.

Tuesday March 13

A day with mixed planetary influence. A number of aspects between the planets will mark an auspicious day for business contacts, will present an upbeat mood and an awakening of inspiration. A number of tense aspects between the planets will increase the pressure of the subconscious beginning, will give emotional instability and nervousness. Business: carefully check all incoming information.

Wednesday March 14

A good day, which can give us new opportunities. Pay attention to the new information and ideas of this day, they can come in handy in the future. Listen to your intuition and be attentive to new events. Take up creativity. Be careful on the roads and behind the wheel. Business: a good day for generating new creative ideas.

Thursday, March 15

For a period of time from 10.33 hours to 13.12 hours in Moscow, do not plan important cases, meetings, negotiations. An energetically active day, today one can not sit still. Plan more things and act. It's also a great day to think about your life. And to understand, whether all suits you in it, and that it is possible to change. A complex aspect between a number of planets will bring tension, an increased level of aggression and conflict. Be careful on the roads and behind the wheel. Business: do charity.

Friday, March 16

Spend the day calmly and not hurrying. Methodically plan this day and act according to your plan. It's a great day for creative people – for artists, musicians and composers. And also for writing different texts. An excellent aspect between a number of planets will help to direct thoughts in the right direction and concentrate on the most important thing. Business: work with documents.

Saturday, March 17

For the period from 16.12 hours to 21.57 hours in Moscow, do not plan important events, meetings, negotiations. Good day, set yourself up for positive and build plans for the future. Do cleaning and cleaning the house and workplace, throw away all unnecessary things. Memorize new ideas, thoughts and people of this day.

Sunday March 18

Spend the day calmly, do household chores, pay more attention to children. If you feel too much strength, give yourself a good load in the gym or go for a walk with the whole family. Arrange a quiet family dinner with candles. And do not take hasty decisions.

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