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December 28, 2017

This week we are actively discussing the recipes, because already this Sunday we have to cover the festive table, so determine the future menu would be nice right now.

If you are planning to give your preference to Italian cuisine, then take a look at the two salads from the restaurant's chef La ​​Prima Tamaz Amaryan and for those whose the soul tends more towards the dishes of French cuisine, Leonid Arkadevich Elkin prepared his favorite recipes for New Year's dishes.

Crab salad

Of course, it is desirable that it really was crabs, not crab sticks. Because crab sticks are not crabs, it's a byproduct, but crab meat in cans is exactly what you need. Cut fresh fresh green cucumber, add a couple of quail eggs, fill it with unsweetened yogurt or, so-called yoghurt sauce 2 or 3%. From spices, add oregano and coriander, as well as salt and pepper to taste. This salad can also be filled with mayonnaise prepared at home.

In my opinion, even if ordinary Olivier refill with Calve mayonnaise, which is really light, and dilute it with half sour cream, it will turn out very well. The fear is not that you eat a salad with mayonnaise, but in the amount eaten. And remember that it is better to eat one plate of such not quite useful salad, than a basin of useful.

Salad "Nidoise"

The French salad, invented in Nice, is well known to everyone. Prepare it differently, adhering to different interpretations, I propose to pay attention to the most simple option. You need to start with the right sauce: lemon juice, Dijon mustard (without coriander seeds), a little white wine – whisk and try. If it's an island, then we add a little sugar, if it's fresh, then add a little spicy.

Lubricate the plate sauce, lay out the leaves of blue cabbage and also grease them with sauce, and on them we spread cabbage "Latuk". Fry the pine nuts and add them to the cabbage. We cut half-and-half Cherry tomatoes. Add three or four quail eggs, half a chopped green fresh cucumber. I also like to rub this salad with a few carrots. We add canned tuna, and the final chord is anchovy fillet.

This is exactly the recipe for the salad Nisuaz, which the French themselves eat.

As for the hot, I believe that on the New Year's table you need to serve boiled pork. . To do this, we need the back of the pork, which in the common people is called the "bull's eye". At once I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this boiled pork is brewed, and not baked. So, first, we make cuts, stuff them with garlic and pepper "peas", and also rub our meat with salt.

Cut the fennel, parsley and coriander so that the greens were many. Rub 3-4 carrots, mix it all and spread the resulting mixture on a piece of gauze, into which we put our pork as yet, and not as a boiled pork, tie it tightly and tie it with a string.

We take a large saucepan, pour the water there, add the remains of carrots, greens, garlic and pepper. As soon as the stock boils, first remove the foam, and immediately after putting it on a slow fire and leave it for 3.5 hours. The resulting broth will please you not only with its transparency, but also with a rich taste. Serve it with crispy croutons – take the white bread, cut it into squares, add a little bit of cold-pressed oil and fry in a normal frying pan. You will be surprised at how delicious and incredibly simple. The fact that the cold pressed oil perfectly reveals the taste of vegetables, the aroma of meat and, oddly enough, bread.

We take out the pork from the pan and let it drain and cool down. We untie it, cut it in half, wrap it in foil. The boiled pork will be stored for 12 days and nothing will happen to it. You can serve it with horseradish and mustard as a cold snack, but you can warm it up and serve it with garnish like a hot dish.

If we talk about the fish alternative, then you can take a fillet trout or salmon or immediately steaks. We proceed to marinade: soy sauce, a little red dry wine, lemon juice, a few spoons of orange juice, olive oil of cold pressing. We take a container, place the fish there, fill it with the received marinade for 20-30 minutes.

Next, put the fish in foil, and water it with our marinade. I love that it was more, but it all depends on what you want it is – that it was popodzhariste or posochnee.

The second sheet of foil, we close the fish, but in such a way that there must be inside space, put in a heated oven for 180 minutes for 25 minutes. After the specified time, we open the upper foil, and if there is a grilling mode, then we use it for another 10-15 minutes. We serve and get compliments!

We wish you a warm company and truly delicious dishes!

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