Dream bag: Tomasini 'Rosie' | Fashion


15 December 2017

The fact that fashion brands call their bags in honor of their favorite star customers or models is not news for a long time. But in the biography of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley "namesake" happened for the first time, and now a young mother is rarely seen without "Rosie" from the French brand Tomasini .

This "bucket" is made of the finest black suede and trimmed with gold accessories, which immediately makes the handbag more festive. In the long New Year holidays with this and a Christmas tree with children you can, and in a restaurant, and even in the "Bolshoi Theater" on the "Nutcracker".

But Chrissie Tigen chose a more life-resistant leather version with silver trim.

What variant do you like more?

What do you think?

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