Ex-AKB48 idol Mariya Nagao goes semi-nude in latest photo shoot

Just a couple of days ago we were remarking on the AV debut of yet another minor idol as well as how several AKB48-affiliated idols have tried to enhance their post-AKB prospects by amping up their sex appeal.

We highlighted Aki Takajo, who released a semi-nude photo book, and Kana Kobayashi, who took things further in the clothes-shedding department, as well as Ami Tomite, who posed naked and also even did nude scenes for a film.

Another fine example would be Natsumi Hirajima, who has proved keen to show off her shapely body.

Mariya Nagao is another one. She has clearly positioned herself as both a cute girl-next-door type and a temptress with a body to die for, though photo shoots only pay so well. She has also appeared on TV, possibly causing one co-performer to get an erection while enjoying a nighttime swim in a pool with her.

Her latest photo shoot takes further with some semi-nude antics. Okay, it’s not full nudity but it’s one step closer to our dream.

mariya nagao nude naked photo

mariya nagao nude naked photo

Born in 1994, let’s hope Mariya has a long career ahead of her and she continues down this sexed-up path towards its logical conclusion… Is a Muteki debut on the cards? We can pray…

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