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13 April 2018

Participant of international art symposia, biennale and group exhibitions Gleb Skubachevsky constantly working on new techniques and enthusiastically experimenting on the border of painting and plastic forms. "The sculpture helps me to give my objects credibility. Transformation of abstract paintings allows you to achieve a 3D effect. I always wanted to drag painted images into our world, revive them, make them more natural. To make their works as natural as possible, animated, they can not do without volume ".

Yesterday, April 12, Skubachevsky presented his new series of works Anima Aliena ' in Askeri Gallery . The first exhibition was visited by Andrey Malakhov, Tatiana Rogachenko, Irina Chaikovskaya, Boris Belotserkovsky, Masha Tsigal, Dmitry Dudinsky, Antonina Klimenko, Angelica Kashirina and many other star guests.

Gleb Skubachevsky

Maria Lobanova

Masha Tsigal

Victoria Yakubovskaya

Antonina Klimenko

Anna Melkumyan

Tatiana Gorshkova, Polina Askeri and guest of the event

You can see the artist's works from April 16 to May 16. Visit the gallery by appointment: tel: +7 (499) 518 03 44, ul. Cook, 31/29.

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