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04 January 2018

Surely you've heard about balajazh, maybe even did it in the salon, and on Pinterest probably stumbled across the most creative versions of this coloration. The effect of the "ombre" looks spectacular, but beauty bloggers decided that there is no limit to perfection and, having listened to Rihanna, decided shine bright like a diamond .

Glitter and mother-of-pearl rule the world in 2017, so it is not surprising that in the New Year this glamorous trend was removed, and the world appeared "glitterage" – combination of glitter and balaža.

Unfortunately, although the process of applying brilliant "hylits" is quite long, the new trend can not boast of firmness – glitter will brush after the first washing of the head and / or combing. Yes, and experts who are ready to offer such a procedure, to put it mildly, a little. But do not despair – in extreme cases, you can use hair spray with glitter:

If you shine in full, then on New Year's holidays, do not you?

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