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03 April 2018

On the eve of the new fans of Russian pop music in 2018, the pleasant news was shocked: in 1945 5sta Family returned Loya – the very first vocalist of the collective . The revived "golden makeup" of the band with fresh forces plunged into creativity – the guys recorded a single "Together Again" : energetic, positive, dancing and, of course, romantic. But the video for the song had to wait, and finally it happened!

The plot of the video, of course, is devoted to the return Loi . In addition, the video turned out to be a kind of retrospective of the history of the group. In some scenes, the guys are sad, bored, remember the time spent with her. And if in real life the time machine, alas, has not yet been invented, then everything is possible in creativity.

According to the idea of ​​the director, the guys will be transferred back to the distant 2010, when the band's paths and Loi parted ways. Then one day 5sta Family were to go to the concert in Tver and Loya did not come to the station … In the video this situation will be repeated again, and the finale will make not only those who have been following the band's career become touched: this time Loya still will come.

In the spring, a warm new video 5sta Family has already awakened us from winter hibernation but what do you say?

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