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12 September 2017

Yesterday, the premiere of the fantastic comedy "Partner" where for the first time in the history of Russian cinema the protagonist was completely constructed using computer graphics and digital technologies, was held at the cinema center "Karo October-11" . The child "lent" the voice and mimicry to Sergei Garmash and the body – to Alexander Petrov .

The picture was presented by the director and producer Alexander Andryushchenko producers Sergey Selyanov, Vyacheslav Murugov, Mikhail Vrubel and the main actors – the musician Roman Bestseller The best novelist The best-selling novel , as well as a very young actor – a five-year-old Timofei Denisov who starred in several scenes of the film, and from which was drawn "baby chrome." "Timofey began to withdraw from us when he was only a year ," said director Alexander Andryushchenko, " he is now five, we can say that he carried on his shoulders four years of work on the film "

Watch the film and congratulate the creators with the premiere arrived Alexander and Ekaterina Strizhenov, Irina Staryshenbaum, Ilya Bachurin, Victoria Andrianova, Anna Banshchikova, Vladimir Khotinenko with his wife Tatyana, Kirill Pletnev and Nino Ninidze, Renata Piatrowski and many others.

Elizabeth Arzamasova and Alexander Andryushchenko

Irina Staryshenbaum

Renata Piotrowski

Alena Chekhova

Yang Ge

Kristina Shapovalova

Maria Lemesheva

Catherine and Alexander Strizhenov

Ilya Bachurin

Jan Koshkin

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