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06 September 2017

Yesterday at a press lunch in the restaurant Valenok a presentation of the new autumn-winter limited collection "BAON by Liasan Utiasheva" . The event was attended by: Pavel Volya, Dasha Gauser, Masha Tsigal, Lina Dembikova, Marina Demchenko, Snezhina Kulova, Yasmina Muratovich, Juliana Bukholts and many others.

The brand has already been cooperating with the well-known gymnast, world champion, six-time European champion, ambassador of the World Cup in 2018, a well-deserved master of sports and a popular TV presenter.

Ilya Yaroshenko

According to the general director of the company Ilya Yaroshenko : "During this time, the limited collection increased several times: the collection was complemented by models from warm outerwear, added the men's line to the assortment. This is possible only in one case – when the collections are relevant and in demand. Fabric, accessories, quality of tailoring – everything is given a lot of attention. An important fact is that most of the collection is made in Russia. This allows you to closely monitor the quality of models, significantly shorten the production time and promptly deliver the collection to customers. In September, all models of the capsule will be available for purchases in retail stores and in the online store BAON. "

In the new collection, classical models that have long become an integral part of iconic images are revealed from an unexpected perspective, thanks to experiments with color and textures.

Lyaysan Utyasheva

"I am sure – comments Laysan that the owners of models from our collection are waiting for pleasant changes: life will be filled with bright, saturated events, and even gloomy everyday life will be bright and memorable. "

Pavel Volya and Lyaysan Utyasheva

Dasha Gauser

Ekaterina Minkevich

Yasmina Muratovich

Juliana Bucholz

Snezhina Kulova

Masha Tsigal

Marina Demchenko

Ulyana Berdysheva

Masha Kalmykova

Lina Dembikova

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