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21 September 2017

Askeri Gallery presents the first exhibition of Russia exhibition Conor Mccreedy which will open on October 1 and last until the end of the month. Closed exhibition of the exhibition with the participation of the artist, as well as performance performed by Konor McCready for the press, during which the artist created a new work took place yesterday.

Conor McCready was born in Johannesburg (South Africa) in 1987. His monochrome large-scale works are very popular. The firm blue color of the artist is known under the patent Mccreedyblue . The artist explores the creative gesture, the connection between his own emotions and visual material, seeking to overcome visual barriers.

Some of the works McCready deliberately leaves untitled to avoid the emergence of unnecessary meanings.

The work of McCready was influenced by the legendary "master of blue" Yves Klein and also Willem de Kooning, Gerhard Richter and Pablo Picasso . The artist is inspired by the bright nature of South Africa where he comes from.

Conor McCready – not only a famous artist, but a secular lion and handsome. In 2013, the South African Award SA Style Awards named him the most stylish business person. And a year later McCready became the most readable hero from South Africa in the social network Twitter and got the highest paid celebrity rating under the age of 30 Forbes.

Polina Askeri and Connor McCready

Svetlana Koroleva

Maria Zheleznyakova and Dmitry Shipilov

Alina Topalova

Antonina Klimenko

Boris Belotserkovsky

Evgenia Zhdanova

Irina Volskaya

John Mann

Karina Oshroeva

Nadja the Tale

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