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10 September 2017

Recently, a new season was presented at the Moscow MDM STS with the guests of the channel and invited stars: Vera Brezhnev, Anfisa Chekhova, Anna Sedokova, Vladimir Yaglych, Denis Nikiforov, Alexei Chadov, Nastasya Samburskaya, Alexandra Revva, Dmitry Khrustalev, Ekaterina Volkova, Yegor Dronov, Elena Ksenofontova, Natalya Bardo, Marius Weisberg, Yegor Koreshkov, Sergey Burunov, Maria Gorban and many others.

The evening was opened by the General Director of "STS Media" Vyacheslav Murugov: "Over the past two years, the holding has experienced unprecedented changes. We had to do a great job to determine a new way for the flagship channel "CTC Media". I can say with pride – we did it. We represent the new STS. "

After him, the director of the CTC channel Darya Legony-Fialko, who shared the results of last season and introduced the main premieres of STS, appeared on the scene: "This season the channel will completely change – both informative and externally. The audience is waiting for a new design, new faces and, of course, new projects – not only traditional for STS series, but also large-scale shows that were not on our air. "

Paul Priluchny, Agatha Muceniets

Alexander Rogov

Anfisa Chekhov

Anna Sedokova

Maria Gorban, Alexander Revva

Marius Weisberg, Natalya Bardo, Alexei Chadov

Nastasya Samburskaya

Vladimir Yaglych

Belief of Brezhnev

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