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19 January 2018

It would seem that the January holidays have just passed, and almost no strength – due to a sharp cooling, many began to feel drowsy, and the mood, meanwhile, falls ever lower and lower.

In order to get into the right working rhythm and start fulfilling all your goals and tasks that we so zealously made before the New Year, we recommend not to be lazy: walk in the fresh air, eat more fruits and vegetables, observe the sleep regime and, of course, Look for inspiration!

This week we could not go past the page @brahmino where each photo shows us not only the beauty of this world, but also our unlimited possibilities – it is enough just to overcome our laziness and go to meet the travels.

Simon Bramante is not only a loving father and caring husband, but also a great photographer who, although he lives with his family in Italy but works at all six continents. He is also known for being the first Italian photographer in history to gain more than 800,000 subscribers, and this figure is growing every year.

Among his clients are such brands as Christian Dior, Cartier, Ducati, Apple, Marriott Hotels and many others.

You have magical days off, friends!

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