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December 29, 2017

Yes, this year, winter decided that it was not winter at all – it's very sad to celebrate the New Year with green grass outside the window, and not with drifts and frost. Nevertheless, we seem to have forgotten that the weather is most important at home, and everything else can easily be corrected with the help of suitable clothing and proper attitudes.

Literally the day after tomorrow we will meet the whole family, invite friends and wish each other new happiness, and already from next week we are waiting for the long-awaited New Year holidays.

Instead of frantically buying gifts for everyone and trying to keep everything in order, we recommend you to present the most valuable – your attention, love and care, and as an inspiration and a reminder we present to you @christine_simplybloom whose family never have to be bored, because three children always know what to entertain their parents:

Happy holidays to you, friends!

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