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08 September 2017

Today, the hero of our column Instagram of the Week became, at first glance, an ordinary guy with a beautiful smile and an inflated body, but this is only at first glance. In fact, not so long ago, Dan had a special passion and, it seemed to us, a special talent – a young man decided to reproduce all the most iconic and spectacular outfits Kerry Bradshaw from the TV series "Sex and the City."

And the venture could fail miserably, but the young man approached his task not only with all his heart and enthusiasm, but also with a share of professionalism. You just look closely at how accurately Dan manages to reincarnate in Kerry Dragshaw as he calls himself in the image of his beloved heroine.

We admire with great pleasure not only Dan but also remember the best images of Sarah Jessica Parker famous for her role Kerry Bradshaw but what do you say?

Merry Christmas to you, friends!

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