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01 December 2017

Today we are inspired by the Instagram The Amerikican Desi Perkins esi Perkins) once a make-up freelancer, and now a real YouTube star and social networks, who has had time to 30 years not only to understand the vlogs, but also to create his own line of cosmetics, sunglasses and to withdraw for several advertising campaigns of major cosmetic brands (for example, Sephora, Too Faced and Benefit ).

Due to the stunning success of the Internet audience (a joke, over three and a half million subscribers in the "inst") this beauty gets the hottest beauty novelties (in the photo below the shimmering luxury of Fenty Beauty) and the well-deserved place on the pages of gloss as an expert.

Inspiration for our heroine, with regard to style and make-up, are Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner (hence perhaps the love of all-toned shades in everything from shoes to lipstick) and Taylor Swift, and a reliable prototype and part-time model / photographer and cameraman – beloved husband , Steven.

A good motivation not to overeat on holidays Do not be afraid to make a hobby profitable, right?

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