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16 February 2018

The holiday is superfluous, so we suggest you tune in not only to what is today – Friday, but also to the meeting of the New Year to Chinese calendar ! As an inspiration and next opportunity to start everything from scratch, we suggest to pay attention to @maya_on_the_move which can be safely called the symbol of the upcoming 12 months.

With all my heart we wish you to spend a year Yellow Earth Dog in the style of our main character: to travel a lot, to see the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, make new friends, build bold plans for the future, enjoy the present and, of course the same, be able to laugh at yourself!

Oh yeah, the imaginary (though who knows?) Husband Maya is none other than Ryan Gosling and in account you will find quite a few jokes (jokes whether?) on this topic.

In other words, we are already on the positive side, but what will you say?

Happy to you days off, friends!

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