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12 February 2018

Our readers are already familiar with very many nail brands. We tested ORLY, OPI, Christian Louboutin, Lime Crime, and many other mass-market brands, as well as luxury and professional brands. Recently we visited the presentation of a new player on the Russian beauty market – a Korean company Bandi . We not only enjoyed national dances and got acquainted with Korean calligraphy, but also talked to the general director and founder of the brand, Miss Bae .

– At today's presentation, we heard that you are planning to become the No. 1 brand, so what are you planning to conquer the world?

Now many professional brands are going to retail, that is, they are now focused on customers, not professionals. And this niche, for professionals, is now free on the market, and this is a great chance for us.

– But we know, for example, the stamp LUXIO which is just a pure salon story, and they have not left the mass-market yet. In other words, you still have competitors, so what is your unique feature, in addition to being a brand focused on professionals?

As I said in the presentation, we, firstly, use vegetable ingredients, and we always emphasize this: for example, all our varnishes contain avocado juice. With regard to gels, it is impossible to do all natural, but there are components that are used in the facial cosmetics. In addition, in our line of more than 1000 titles! Therefore, if, for example, you open a new showroom, we can fully provide it. Plus, we guarantee a very high quality. Perhaps you know that all the famous luxury brands have now "moved" to Korea.

– And why in the composition of your varnishes is the avocado?

Avocados provide us with not only a beautiful even color, but also nail nutrition. Now we are developing a new product, which will also be enriched with vitamins.

– During the presentation, you said that under each type of nail, you can choose treatment and care. And how is this diagnosed? Do your specialists pass any special training?

The structure of the nail is very similar to the structure of the skin, and all people have very different nails: there are dry, aging, brittle, exfoliating and so on. All our technologists undergo training, certainly.

– In Korea, you can monitor the correctness of the diagnosis, the quality of the coating, and will there be similar training for specialists in Russia?

Verbena is our distributor with our employees, but our teams work together, we constantly conduct training, and today's event is attended by our specialists who will stay here for a month. We also went to the salons yesterday, talked with the masters, talked about our products and talked about how to use it.

– As for the application technique, tell me, are there any secrets or necessary products? It is clear that we need a base, varnish and top coating, but can there be any additional tricks or nuances of applying your varnishes?

We have a so-called "egg" base, and when we apply it, a special film is formed, which protects the nail from damage. I believe that in the entire procedure of manicure the base is extremely important. We treat the database as skin care.

– We know that in Korea the topic of peptides is very popular, they are literally everywhere. Do you use them in your development?

I can not say anything concrete yet, but I admit that we are interested in this direction.

– When I was in Korea, I was especially impressed by how around everything is "clean" and logically organized. In beauty also ruled by minimalism, despite the prevalence of bright packages?

Yes, we have such a thing as "clean space". For example, we do not smell of lacquer in the salons, around there is a clean and pleasant atmosphere where you can relax and rest.

– Share with our readers some kind of secret that your grandmother gave to you, or maybe your mother, regarding the care of hands or nails. What should not be missed or, in any case, not worth doing?

If you do not want your hands to age, then focus on moisturizing, because the hands age very quickly, and no less important is the hydration for the nails. We all love gel coatings, because it's beautiful and for a long time, but when you take them off, you just need to take care of your nails after the gel. Use hand masks, wear gloves with paraffin, "clip" your fingers and do your own thing – your hands in the meantime will receive their dose of quality care.

And the winner in our competition last week was number 8, congratulations!

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