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January 22, 2018

Today's issue of "Monday" we decided to devote to business etiquette. Of course, the rules of the people of the creative professions and employees of the bank are somewhat different, but there are general recommendations, although in a more relaxed environment you can walk more in color and in the form of nails.

Psychologists are often advised to dress as if you are already working on a dream job, so your hands must also meet the desired status. In the case of manicure, especially when it comes to the first meeting or a job interview, everything should be simple, no frills and stylish.

Let's first deal with the form:

If we are talking about a more or less standard office, it is preferable to short nails with rounded edges (that is, circle, oval and soft square and "almond" are our best friends).

In a more creative environment, "almond" nails and "stiletto" are now extremely popular. "They are sexy, they extend their fingers and many stars choose this particular form of nail," – Deborah Lippmann states adding that she advises her clients for a more conservative environment make a soft square that is "comfortable in everyday wear and elegant."

And what about the color? Of course, in an average office with a bright green varnish, walking is unlikely to succeed, then it is preferable to pastel colors. But those who work in the field of fashion, beauty or PR are not just possible, but even need to correspond to the trends. Here you can not only play with color, but also make an interesting design in the style of fashion shows.

But employees of banks and other serious organizations should not despair, even in the most rigid framework there is a place for beauty experiments. For example, instead of the usual beige or gently pink varnish, you can try matte – like a trifle, but, as Ksenia Sobchak likes to say, it's unpleasant for the girl-friends.

There are other tricks: to make ombre in pastel colors, to make up every finger in different shades (again in a muted scale) or, a little bit bolder, add a little gold. Well, the most daring nail art is left until the weekend or holidays.

Are you going with a manicure to work or an important meeting?

What do you think?

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