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13 November 2017

Even if you are not interested in astrology seriously, you probably even sometimes read horoscopes in magazines and on your favorite sites. However, rarely, where you can find a forecast not only for family, business and love affairs, but on issues related to beauty and care for yourself. We decided to fix this situation and suggest you to choose the color of the varnish for your next manicure by the sign of the Zodiac!


This fall, you are waiting for the heat of passion, emotions and the cycle of events. What could be better than saturated, almost black, red?


For many Taurus, the next few months will be full of romance and tenderness, which means that gently pink and nudes are what the doctor prescribed.


The twins will have to roll up their sleeves and move forward, to new horizons, conquering one vertex after another. Astrologers believe that the most suitable shade of varnish in this situation is restrained and stylish gray.


Cancers are waiting for a new turn in love relationships and an unexpected, but strong friendship, but on the nails let flaunts bright fuchsia!

The Lion

Family values ​​come to the fore, and dark green color embodies much needed stability and growth.

The Virgin

It's time for the Virgin to think about spiritual growth and draw conclusions from past mistakes. Adjust to the right mode will help the lavender lacquer.


In the next few months, the main issue for Libra will be financial, and that he decided to favorably advise "gild" the marigold.


Scorpions get rid of everything superfluous and superficial, to shine with new faces. On this way, their faithful companion will be a silver glitter.

The Sagittarius

At last all your works will be rewarded, but it's too early to rest on your laurels. "Ground" will help the dark brown tone.


Plans for Capricorns are huge, especially in view of the coming holidays. Juggle meetings and events will be easier with a gently-blue shimmer on the nails.


Aquarius in the literal sense are in their element, now for them, as ever, all the nuances of the sea blue.


But the Pisces are in metaphorical fire, inspiring everyone and everyone around him to new achievements. The red color suits your current state, do not be afraid to give heat!

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