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01 January 2018

A persistent manicure that lasts two weeks and does not damage the nails seems like a fantasy, because even less than acrylic, harmful gel-lacquer has its side effects. Today we decided to find out about a relatively new approach to manicure – "dip powder" which, if you believe the promises of producers, can easily be done at home.

Already from the name it is clear that the nails with such a manicure, on the properties located somewhere between the usual coating and gel-varnish, must be dipped in some kind of powder. In order not to use UV nor LED it contains a special persistent pigment.

The sequence of actions is similar to applying gel-varnish, only to dry the "layers" is nowhere necessary:

First you need to treat the nails, then apply a special base, immediately dab the nails into the container with the powder, brush off the excess, fix the coating, repeat the previous step and it's ready! You can combine several shades and create different effects, for example, ombre:

This beauty lasts up to four weeks, but you need to remove it, like the target and acrylic nails very carefully:

And remember, if you are offered a similar procedure in the salon, then insist on not wearing a magic powder with a brush, this is a simple rule of hygiene. But at home in your own bubble dunk nails as long as you want. In addition to the OPI there are similar sets of Red Carpet, CUCCIO and GELish :

Happy New Year! We wish you new achievements and, of course, beauty experiments!

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