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14 May 2018

At the Costume Institute Ball, we saw luxurious dresses, unimaginable accessories, and no less decadent shoes, and today we decided to take a closer look at the nylaires of the star guests attending the event.

Let's start, perhaps, with the "Sistine Chapel" Cynthia Erivo . This nylart, inspired by the legendary work of Michelangelo, was so complex in execution that it was done by two masters at once!

Ariana Grande were also created based on the works of the great Italian:

Blake Lively again entrusted her hands to the star manicure master El Gerstein (19459006) Elle Gerstein ):

Mar y Sol decided to add a classic nude manicure Ashley Graham shine in the form of crosses made of crystals Swarovski :

A similar technique was used by Alicia Torello (Alicia Torello ) in work with Emilia Clark adding glitter to a gentle shade ORLY Kiss the Bride:

Naomi Yasuda ( Naomi Yasuda ) is known for her love of detail. Here and in the nailart for Niki Minage you can see several trends at once: ombre, "mettalik" and a pattern of crystals:

Inspiration for the dress Versace for Giji Hadid stained glass served. The same motif of the manicure master tried to reflect in the manicure model:

Janelle Monet made a bet on the classics – black, white and gold:

appeared on the red carpet in the democratic "chain mail" from [

Rihanna few people looked on nails because her outfit in the spirit of the Pope has pulled all the blanket over herself. However, even here the lover of the compound nylart remained true to herself:

Catherine Longford decided to repeat the podium trend:

And Lily Reinhart tried on herself another actual trend – "foil":

Becoming the face of the brand Louis Vuitton Emma Stone is true to the brand in the literal sense of the fingertips:

The Spice of Chopra "gilded the handle":

Nails Haley Baldwin would envy the Lady Blesty-Sverkai herself:

And whose manicure did you like most?

What do you think?

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