Manicure Monday: primer for nails from OPI | Beauty


12 March 2018

We have long been accustomed to using primers in make-up: for the face, for the eyelids and even for the lips. Now, thanks to the company OPI we also have the opportunity to carefully take care of nails. This primitive ruler of the American brand includes four primers, each of which is aimed at solving various problems. As part of the new means Infinite Shine Lotus and bamboo extracts that moisturize and nourish the nails.

The first on the list is Infinite Shine Strengthening Primer designed to strengthen the nails and protect them from damage.

Infinite Shine Brightening Primer removes yellowness, so even the brightest shade of varnish will look one hundred percent.

Infinite Shine Conditioning Primer is an "air conditioner" for dry nails that maximizes their hydration before application of lacquer.

The Infinite Shine Ridge Filler Primer smooths the flaws, fills the microcracks and creates the perfect canvas for color coating.

We are waiting for the appearance of new products in Russia, but for now let's sum up our giveaway with BANDI. Congratulations to the participant at number 16!

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