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11 December 2017

In December, even the most ardent opponents of glitter, no, no, and "gild the pen." To wear all this chic-glitter-beauty is fun and festive, but to shoot is not an easy task. To facilitate this task, many brands have released special bases for nails, as we already wrote. And now we finally were able to test on ourselves how one of these rods-zashchalochek works. Ours from Sally Hansen is called Big Peel Off .

For the purity of the experiment, we took varnishes from three segments: lux (19459006 Burberry ), prof (19459006) Zoya ) and mass market (1945-1996) KIKO ).

The base should be applied in a thick layer and wait until it completely dry. Takes up to 10 minutes. And an important point – within three hours after you have made yourself this "sticky" manicure in no case can not come in contact with warm, and even more so hot, water!

Drying the "saw-off" went snake.

To remove all three glitters was, and it is true, easily, but all the same the liquid for removing the varnish had to walk along the edges.

Verdict: Often this base will not be used, but after all, glitter in our life is seasonal. For the season # jinglebells or the auction the most it!

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