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August 21, 2017

We would very much like that the summer does not end, especially as hot and sunny as recently, but alas, in just one and a half weeks autumn will come, and we decided to meet her with a summer manicure. Together with the brand ORLY we suggest you to repeat a very picturesque and perfectly accentuating tan manicure:

We begin, traditionally, with a good preparation – after all, this is the pledge of the ideal manicure and safety, so we thoroughly disinfect hands and nails. Then give the desired shape to the nails: it is very important that the length and shape of the free edge be the same on all fingers.

With the help of any means for removing the cuticle, soften it and push it back with an orange stick. Remains of the drug is removed from the nail plate with a napkin or cotton pad. Then, disinfect and degrease the nail plate before applying the lacquer.

We apply the base coat. For brittle nails, it is possible to use strengthening bases, for stratified nails, bases, which contain protein and gelatin. Our base is Bonder from Orly .

Apply a white base color Meringue 668 from Orly in 2 layers on all the nails, letting each dry. For light shades in this manicure it is important that the color is dense, creamy and the natural color of the nail is not visible under it. With insufficient density in two layers, you can apply a third.

Design on the middle and ring finger. Light yellow with gold Hook Up 639 from Orly touching the nail with a brush, draw "drops". It is important not to drip lacquer with a brush – then it will be too much, it will spread and it will dry very long.

After letting slightly (3-4 minutes) dry with drops of yellow, we add a few drops of blue, and then green, color. We have the pastel colors of blue Skinny Dip 761 and mint Ancient Jade 746 from Orly.

We apply a glossy topcoat type Glosser from Orly on the nails with this design.

To prevent varnish from smearing, you can use drip drying or drying as a spray.

Here is an art-design we got – be beautiful!

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