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06 November 2017

On the eve of the numerous winter holidays Groupon (that's from whom we did not expect news coverage), gives to the lovers of sparkling varnish on the basis of Prosecco. "We decided to unite our love for manicure and prosecco and created this unique lacquer, by smell and taste exactly the same as our favorite drink," – said the company-service of collective discounts.

The color of the novelty, which is quite logical, is golden, with micro-particles of glitter.

The manufacturer warns that the varnish is easily ignited, and also that even if the temptation is great, it is impossible to drink from a bubble in any case. Yes, and licking your nails, and even more so … hum … gnawing slyly flickering manicure is not recommended, because in addition to prosecco in the composition of a lot of chemistry, even lacquer and positioned as edible.

To date, you can order Prosecco Polish only in England, but judging by the demand for a novelty, the geography of delivery will soon expand.

It seems to us that this is an excellent (ironic) gift for the New Year for a friend or colleague, but what can you say?

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