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November 20, 2017

Autumn – it's time when we, often, do not really know what we want, and it concerns literally all spheres of our life, and especially manicure. Fortunately we know where to "go" and who to align, for example, on [AlisherTorello which not only has a huge base of star clients and regularly designs designs for the covers of the most famous magazines, but and has its own, highly recognizable style.

Speaking of her work in a nutshell, this is certainly minimalism and graphics, which we confess is very close in spirit, so we decided to take a close look at all the beauty that appears on the nails after the magic hands Alisha .

In general, many people will begin to assert that there is nothing unusual in all this, and that we have seen enough graphics and design, but it's only necessary to visit Alisha once and for all to understand why she became so in demand specialist in manicure.

Her work schedule now consists of three parts: the girl either brings beauty to the nails of such famous women of fashion as Jennifer Lawrence or reflects the main manicure trends on Fashion Week, or else takes part in fashion shootings – in other words, a simple mortal for manicure to Alisha alas, not to get.

The main "cloth" for the design master chooses … a clean and natural nail and explains it by the fact that after a kind of "explosion" in the industry of nail art, everyone wants a small rest and a break. She also believes that the simplicity of a clean nail gives a modern sound to the whole design, and looking at her works, we terribly want to repeat all these beautiful lines, dots and geometric shapes with color blocks.

We believe that such designs are ideal for an overcast November, but what do you say?

What do you think?

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