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16 April 2018

Jenny Bui Jenny Bui) received the nickname "Queen of Shine" for a reason: she is responsible for the nails of one of the most ardent lover of crystals and rhinestones on the nails – Cardi B . Now the Cambodian people have their own salon in New York, but in her life there were very difficult times. Fleeing from the genocide at home, her family moved to Vietnam, and eventually to Canada. Her first job was as a waitress, then Jenny became an assistant dentist, but at age 22, when she met her future husband, she decided to leave Montreal for New York.

By the age of 25, having given birth to two children, Bui began to take the first steps to her dream, enrolling in the courses of cosmetologists. Of all the directions, the nails seemed to her to be the most interesting sphere – she simply adored watching the work of her senior colleagues and even experimenting with new designs for short breaks between clients.

By the way, one jelly art from Jenny takes from one to three hours, depending on the complexity.

Bui opened the first showroom in the Bronx, but it did not work out. Colleagues advised her to move to Harlem, where sophisticated designs are more popular. However, there was not a very hospitable reception waiting for her. "Go back to your China," the locals told her.

Here also the third child arrived, and the husband, after ten years of marriage, decided to file for divorce. But despite the seven-day working week and the aggressive mood of others, things in the cabin went uphill, like his Instagram -account.

But the most significant event in Jenny's career was a meeting with Cardi B held five years ago, before the "Cardi" woke up famous. The singer was so delighted with the manicure that she practically squealed to the entire salon. Since then, Jenny and Cardy are inseparable. Even for the most common activities, Bee chooses his favorite salon – what can we say about the Grammy or the announcement of the engagement?

Of course, the shape of the star's nails, like the abundance of crystals, is not to everyone's liking, but the Bui virtuoso of his work pays attention not only to the art component of the process, but also to caring for the hands.

Now, thanks largely to her star client, Jenny has an entire army of followers and recording for months ahead, including international clients – from England, Australia, Jamaica and Bermuda.

"My fingernails last almost a month, I am a perfectionist – all my crystals of the highest quality, from Dreamtime Creations, and last year I started to release my gel-lacquers Jenny's Secret. I'm testing them for now, but I hope they will soon will go on sale "," Bui says.

We wish Queen of Bling of creative success!

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