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08 September 2017

Than the breath of autumn becomes clearer, the sharper the desire to go to warm countries, especially since summer this year did not spoil the weather. Not only migratory birds, but also stars of domestic show business were pulled to the south. And what is the most important thing in traveling? Of course, a roomy and comfortable suitcase, which can fit not only the most necessary things in the trip, but also evening dresses. You never know what adventures are expected on vacation, but it's great to look and be on top in any situation!

Yesterday in the center of the capital there was a bright social event: the grand opening of a new store Robinzon Premier in Smolensky passage where on an area of ​​more than 550 square meters are products of most world-famous brands luggage. Suitcases, backpacks, travel and business accessories – in Robinzon Premier you can find everything to easily and happily get together on a journey.

At the opening there were: Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Mitya Fomin, Maria Shukshina, Zhanna Badoeva, Andrei Razygraev, Margarita Mitrofanova, Olga Kabo, Timur Solovyov, Dasha Gauser, Igor Vernik, Anna Tsukanova-Kott, Vladimir Slavsky, Ekaterina Odintsova , Maxim Sharafutdinov, Maria Lobanova.

Zhanna Badoeva

Olesya Sudzilovskaya

In the actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya the process of gathering trips was also worked out to the smallest detail. "If I'm going on vacation, cooking takes longer than fees for a film festival or shooting. For business trips, I always have a clear list. Very soon, I'm going to Yalta for an international film festival, where I will be in the jury. That's just today I made a purchase for this trip. In choosing a bag, I'm more guided by my mood and need. For me, functionality and beauty are important. Although, of course, in my wardrobe there are completely non-functional stupid things, but I get aesthetic pleasure from them! "

Mitya Fomin

Maria Shukshina

But Maria Shukshina comes to the question of fees on the road seriously and in a few days starts thinking about what to take with her. "I do not like to take extra, so I always first decide what I might need on the trip. I prefer light, capacious, but at the same time compact suitcases. I just flew in from London yesterday and while I'm shooting in Moscow, but, despite this, I already looked at my suitcase for the future "– the actress shared.

Andrei Razygraev

The inveterate traveler Andrey Razygraev over the past few years has learned to collect luggage in a matter of hours, just before departure. "At the same time I know people who are starting to get ready for a trip almost in a week. But I live in such a rhythm that I just can not afford to spend so much time gathering. Usually I have early departures and I prefer to get together on the last night, but to sleep on the plane. A suitcase is a specific thing, which in the first place, in my opinion, should be of use. The use of a suitcase is to make it light and roomy. It is not important for me that the suitcase is bright, but its design should match my spirit, " – told a famous TV host and showman.

Margarita Mitrofanova

Olga Kabo

Timur Soloviev

The leader of the First Channel Timur Soloviev admitted that he could gather for a business trip in fifteen minutes! If there is a long journey, he prefers to prepare more thoroughly. "I pay attention to my appearance, so the suitcase should fit in style and be comfortable. Basically, all my luggage bags are black. "

Dasha Gauser

Maxim Sharafutdinov

Catherine Odintsova

Maria Lobanova

Vladimir Slavsky and Anna Tsukanova-Kott

Anna Tsukanova-Kott: "I spend almost five minutes on the camps: I just throw everything that came in my hand in the suitcase. But since I can have fifteen or twenty trips in a month, there is a standard set, which is always ready. For me it is important that the suitcase be placed in a hand luggage, stylish, beautiful and, of course, light. In addition, if something is forgotten, it can always be bought. "

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