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08 March 2018

It would seem that neither with colored hair nor, especially, eyebrows in our time already surprise nobody, especially since the tendency to color eyebrows in all colors of the rainbow is held in a trend already the whole two years.

But, you see, it looks, of course, creative and sometimes even very beautiful, but we ourselves would not have decided on this.

Visagist Bea Svit who painted only half of the eyebrows with twins found a way out for those who would like to make a slight variety in the usual course of holiday makeup [Simi and Hayes Harda who warmed up the audience with their Dj-sets from SimiHaze at the Fashion Week in ] London .

Symi shone with bright pink eyebrows, and Hayes fell in love with a darker gradient.

argues that anyone who wants to master this simple device as if "dipped" in the eyebrow dye, but admits that his favorite assistant in this matter was lipstick for the eyebrows Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade which a couple of years ago literally blew up the beauty sphere.

The make-up artist also recommends the use of colored eyeliner, for example, Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner or look at waterproof eyeliner M.A.C. Chromaline.

As for the makeup as a whole, the accent should be made on the ideal and matt tone of the face, but it is better to give up false eyelashes at all, and in general – there should not be any distracting details: the eyebrows in this case are more than self-sufficient.

We congratulate you on International Women's Day and recommend that you allow yourself a little extra, for example, in make-up!

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