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24 April 2018

Today Ivan Koff is a young, talented and charismatic performer whose creed sounds like : "Three things should decorate a man: decency, character and deeds."

1. Ringtone, who right now stands on the phone

How are you? Normal, normal, unreal! – Chicago Seven

2. The clip of the month

"On Paris" – Leningrad

3. The most annoying hit

Alchey & Feduk – Rosé wine

4. Song on any mood

Max Korzh – To live in the buzz

5. The perfect song for karaoke

Gregory Leps- The Best of the Best Day

6. The concert that you recently attended and the concert you want to go to

Was at the concert Big Love show, I want to get to the concert Pitbull

7. Favorite track

Bruno Mars – That's What I Like

8. L favorite video

Leningrad – Not Paris

Love music and comment on the choice of our heroes!

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