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10 April 2018

Today, her musical preferences are divided by I-GENCY.RU by Julia Sievert, known under the pseudonym Zivert – singer, dancer and just a very talented and cheerful girl.

Let's see what Julia has prepared for us:

1. Ringtone, who right now stands on the phone

Michael Sembello "Maniac" one of my favorite invigorating compositions, as they say, for ages. In my whole life I did not get bored))

2. The clip of the month

The work of G-Eazy & Halsey "Him & I", the guys actually had sincere feelings and they just filmed the life of their first joint trip to New York. The present can not help but catch! I believe.

3. The most annoying hit

The jellyfish and most of all enrages that it is worth hearing somewhere settles in the brain at under the day

4. Song on any mood

KREC "Time", for me a lifelong reminder of the important … to think about the eternal comes in any mood)

5. The perfect song for karaoke

To the only gentle running across the snowfield))

6. The concert that you recently visited and the concert you want to go to

Now I realized that recently I only attend my own speeches)) The last time was on the incomparable Beyoncé, it seems it was half a lifetime ago! I really want to get to Jamiroquai in the summer, this guy's special energy.

7. Top 5 favorite tracks

Sorry, but my first track will be the first

1. Zivert – Green waves (I really love)

2. Michael Sembello – Maniac

3. Felix Jaehn – Is not nobody (for all time)

4. Maria Chaykovskaya – Kiss me

5. Jamiroquai – Carla (pure magic)

8. Top 5 favorite clips

1. G-Eazy & Halsey "Him & I

2. Flashdance – She's a Maniac

3. Noggano – The Cat Who Degrades You

4. Michael Jackson – The way you make me feel

5. Monatik – Vitamin D

Love music and comment on the choice of our heroes!

What do you think?

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