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21 February 2018

Fashion is known to be cyclical, and one of the long-forgotten accessories, scrunchie, has already committed its kembek. Now it's time to remind other "old-timers" of ourselves: on weekends of fashion in New York and London we saw hairpins-crabs, ribbons, bandages and rhinestones, but not simple, but with meaning. We look!

The first to excel was Alexander Wang . At his show, the models were perfected with perfectly smooth hairstyles, which were kept on one honest "crab". These hairpins are not much different from what we wore in the 90's, except for a slightly more noble (with a touch of futurism) appearance. The creative director decided to use this accessory Redken Guido Palau (Guido Palau) who no one understands modern trends. But will this trend be supported by the general public? Well, or at least stellar.

The show Ashley Williams was almost a demonstration, because in the hair of the models the numerous slogans were shining and poured: "Earth", "Air", "Error" and other equally capacious words. Apparently, the recent flash tattoo on the show Dior inspired the designer to go further in this direction, but, in the truest sense of the word, do not get his hands dirty.

Erdem also on the wave of already existing trend – the girls defiling for the brand at the show in London, put on a veil.

Models Tom Ford in turn, paced in wide elastic black armbands, well and about super-massive earrings we in general are silent. If this is not "hello, the 90's," then what?

U Bora Aksu is more modest and more romantic, but no less fashionable – carelessly tied ribbons.

But the stylists of the show Simone Rochas were not embarrassed and added to the ribbons not only hairpins and bows, but also large earrings.

However, the brightest in our opinion "Budulay's return" was the spring-frame at the show Prabal Gurung .

Is it still going to be?

What do you think?

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