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18 November 2017

The day before yesterday, star friends Sergey Lazareva gathered in the VEGAS dispensary to congratulate the singer with the opening of the first firm store of the project "Poodle-Strudel" . Many came to the company with their pets for tasting the updated assortment.

The co-owners of the project – the singer Sergey Lazarev and the businessman Dmitry Kuznetsov – met the guests, acquainted them in detail with the assortment of the new store and treated them with pleasure pets new items from the line of desserts and cakes "Poodle-Strudel" . Among the first buyers were Ekaterina Barnabas, Mitya Fomin, Anastasia Zadorozhnaya, Dmitry Gudkov, Lipa Teterich, Vlad Topalov, Emin and Sabina Agalarovs, Dilya Dolinskaya, Konstantin and Olga Andricopulos, Anastasia Grebenkina, Roma Kenga as well as members of the duo DVOE Konstantin Cherkas and ] Svyatoslav Stepanov.

"Poodle-Strudel" – Russia's first company for the production of exclusive pet products. The project was opened in February 2015, and the products instantly deserved the sympathy of caring owners of domestic animals. In the assortment of the company – desserts and cakes for cats and dogs, made from natural ingredients, sugar-free and artificial additives, taking into account all standards and recommendations of zoo doctors and nursery owners. The opened store presents a full range of desserts and cakes, as well as Russian-made food, clothes and accessories for pets.

Sergei Lazarev and Dmitry Kuznetsov

In honor of such a bright and quite unexpected event for some fans of the singer, we decided to ask in more detail Sergey about the product of the brand "Poodle-Strudel" why should I take dogs and cats from shelters:

I-GENCY.RU: Sergey, You have chosen a very interesting format – for example, in Europe or America there are already quite a lot of restaurants for animals, but for Russia this is still the case in a novelty. Why did you choose this type of confectionery rather than a specialized restaurant?

Sergey Lazarev: In general, when we started creating our desserts, they were already new, and we very often faced with misunderstanding, with the fact that people are extremely unaccustomed to it, with questions on The question is, are these really pet treats? After all, our confectionery looks quite the same as for people. Many thought that we are preparing all this from unnatural ingredients, from unproductive products, that any product contains sugar, and for these two years and still have to explain that this is an absolutely natural story, natural products, that it is very it is also useful without sugar.

Why is this not a restaurant? In general, I was inspired by the creation of the [Poodle-Strudel] my dog, and now I will be understood by all the dogs that we often encounter in the park, and in general all those who keep dogs at home, birthdays of our pets, as well as the birthdays of ourselves. I really wanted on my dog's holiday Daisy to give her some special gift, to please her. Remembering that once in America I saw dog desserts and cakes, I decided to climb on the Internet and see what exactly we have on this topic. I realized that there was absolutely nothing, and just four years ago I thought about what a great idea this is! All around opened their restaurants, became persons and residents of various restaurants, someone opened karaoke, and I liked the idea of ​​dog desserts. Nevertheless, it took me two whole years to, first, to interest other people in this idea, to find cooks, a co-founder, and just people who would have burned this idea with me. And two years later we presented the brand "Poodle-Strudel" which then specialized exclusively in cakes – there was a certain event, because such delicacies can pamper your pets for exceptional dates and events. Originally, our desserts were meant for dogs only, but over time, we began to cook for cats. All this is quite difficult, simply because dogs and cats are very sensitive and there are a number of limitations for them, therefore, before we developed the correct formula, we found the right ingredients, developed a glaze, and a lot of time passed.

Nevertheless, we coped with all the difficulties and launched a brand that for two years existed only on the Internet: we worked under the order, did the delivery and so on. After a while, we realized that we had already established a fairly large clientele, and it was time to move away from the events and begin to produce everyday food for pets. So we came up with the idea to develop fodder for both cats and dogs, and go beyond the Internet to make a store that people could come to, see the assortment and touch it, because everyone wants to see our cakes in a cut.

I-GENCY.RU: As for the cooks – for Russia this is practically a new specificity, was it hard for you to find people?

Sergey Lazarev: We are absolutely confident in our cooks – in two years we have not received any negative feedback, I personally take responsibility for quality, for the fact that we we buy environmentally friendly products, and our cakes are stored only 7 days and only in the refrigerator. This is not a factory production, it is a story that requires manual labor: everything is done manually.

Cooks we searched for a long time, and for a long time developed the formulation of the glaze, as I mentioned, it was developed by the French confectioner, and until now, all the food colors we use, we buy abroad.

I-GENCY.RU: Today there were a lot of jokes and questions about the fact that it really is so natural products that even people can eat it?

Sergey Lazarev: We ate it today ourselves! Therefore, if it happened that the owner did not resist the delicacy and ate it himself, then nothing terrible will happen. Our desserts smell very tasty, just the "human" taste is felt, of course, the lack of spices, but, in fact, this meat – chicken, or beef, or chicken ventricles, with buckwheat, or broccoli or carrots – stuffing is different and fillers are different.

I-GENCY.RU: Speaking of inspiration, then, obviously, was it your dog?

Sergey Lazarev: Of course, even if you look at the color palette of the store, then pay attention to the fact that it is executed in black and white tones, since my Daisy has a black and white color.

I-GENCY.RU: Sergey, do you think that in Russia the culture of special attention to domestic pets will develop?

Sergey Lazarev: I really hope so! I also very much hope that laws will be adopted on cruel treatment of animals, and people will be punished for such crimes. And as for some special attitude to animals, of course, I hope that people will be as gentle as possible towards their pets, appreciate them, bear responsibility for them, as they become full members of our families: they need to be taken care of, they need to please, pamper and so on.

I-GENCY.RU: We know that you support a large number of funds, why do you think that it is the subject of pets that is so important to people?

Sergey Lazarev: It is very important because animals are often defenseless before a person and can not say anything, they endure all the time, and they can not speak out. They love us not for anything, but they just love us and everything, and we must reciprocate with them. Therefore, I often talk about shelters, call for dogs from shelters, participate in various actions, and I myself once took a dog from a shelter.

I-GENCY.RU: Not only your project, but you yourself actively propagandize the idea of ​​a healthy diet – do you manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle with your schedule? And what does that give you?

Sergey Lazarev: Yes! In fact, there is a vegetable salad and chicken breast in practically any cafe or restaurant. Thanks to this, I feel great, I look good and I have a lot of time.

I-GENCY.RU: We all know that you are a very creative person, you succeed: you are both a successful artist and a popular singer, now we see you in the a new role, tell me, what should we wait for? What are your future creative plans?

Sergey Lazarev: Now I presented "The Poodle-Strudel" I also produce a new collective, the duo Dvoe and I also have a very rich musical schedule – I finish a big two-year tour with the show "The Best" in December my new album is released, and in April the premiere of my new show in the Olympic, which I now and I will devote almost all of my time.

Dvoe and Sergei Lazarev

I-GENCY.RU: Wishes for I-GENCY.RU and for all those who already have pets or those who only plan to have them:

Sergey Lazarev: First, all those in whose houses the pets live, I want to wish to love them, groom and cherish and indulge, but of course , in moderation. Those who have not yet decided to make themselves a favorite, should pay attention to the fact that the Dog of the Year is ahead and one can consider the idea of ​​taking a dog from a shelter, trying to take care of it and approaching this issue with all responsibility. It seems to me that dogs and cats make us kinder and better.

To discover delicacies, to pamper pets and personally to congratulate Sergey Lazarev with the opening came:

Anastasia Grebenkina

Anastasia Zadorozhnaya

Dmitry Gudkov

Catherine Barnabas

Emin Agalarov

Constantine and Olga Andricopoulos

Lipa Teterich and Sabina Agalarova

Mitya Fomin

Roma Kanga

Vlad Topalov

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