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13 June 2018

It seems that in the near future Muscovites should not wait for a real sunny summer, and boast of tanning, even those who can not fly to hot countries. There are several options: a solarium, a bronzer or a visit to the tanning studio, where they make the procedure for "spraying" a tan, known as spray tan . The harm of frequent visits to the solarium has been written more than once, so there are only two options, but both, with the wrong approach, can lead to depressing consequences. A living example is Selena Gomez at the Ball of the Costume Institute:

If we already understood the tanning salons with home tastes, today let's listen to what the experts advise so that your professionally tanned suntan looks natural, does not "sweat" and does not stain clothes and all surfaces in the house, as in a photo from Snapchat guru spray tan Krissy Tigen :

First, it is extremely important to refrain from any contact with water until your "tan" is finally absorbed. How long? It depends on the type of spray. If in the specialized salon you will be offered an express option, then it will be enough for two to four hours, but usually without a shower it will be necessary to stretch out to 10 hours. It is also dangerous rain – it's better to sit out indoors. To sit, by the way, it is necessary in free clothes of dark tones .

And when the time of long-awaited water procedures comes, give preference to the formulas not containing sulfates and be sure to use moisturizing body cream – so the tan will last longer.

It's better not to sleep on snow-white sheets, otherwise you risk creating a picture of a la Chrissie. But even if the stains on bed linens could not be avoided, do not grieve – as a rule, modern stain remover cope with this scourge.

It is important to remember that in addition to uneven coverage, divorces and stains on clothes, artificial tans have another disadvantage – it's very easy to miss with a touch (remember the same poor Ross with his "eight" instead of "deuce"). U Kim Kardashian the tan lay flat, but with intensity the reality TV star clearly overdid it:

Trust professionals and be beautiful!

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