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August 23, 2017

Victoria Beckham is a long time not a former soloist Spice Girls and the wife of a famous football player. Victoria Beckham – this is a real brand, behind which are two successful clothing lines, a recent collaboration with Target limited nail polishes for NAILS INC . And here is the second collection for the cosmetic giant Estée Lauder . The first collaboration Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder was so successful that this time the line of funds has significantly expanded. 10 products from the first "release" remained, but to them were added another 18! Let's take a look at the new chic collection VB, which will go on sale already on the first of September:

Lip gloss in shades of Desert Heat and Fired Crystal (EUR40).

Matte lipstick in shades of Black Cassis, Victoria and Burnished Rose (EUR45) .

Face shine in Honey shade (EUR42) – apply on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and lips and shine, shine, shine!

Mascara in the shade Blackest (EUR38), eyeliner Blackest and Graphite (EUR40).

"Foil" for eyes in shades of Burnt Anise and Blonde Gold (EUR40).

Blonde Mink blush ($ 55), transparent powder ($ 80), highlighter in the shade Modern Mercury (EUR70) and bronzer Java Sun (EUR60).

Matte Shadows Noir Vanille, Bleu Electrique and Saphir Orange Vif (EUR55).

The Palette of the Shadows Blanc Noir Gris Bordeaux (EUR74).

Eye Metal shadows in shades of Blonde Gold and Bitter Clove (EUR45).

The collection of pencils has expanded: a double-sided eyeliner returned in several shades, including the classic combination Black Saffron / Vanille (EUR34), and Victoria's (EUR30) Virgin Lip Pencil:

Well, if you are at a loss, how and with what to combine new items VB x Estée Lauder then Victoria hurries to your aid – the collection can be purchased with whole "bows". So, for example, looks "London" (EUR313):

And the most loyal fans of the line will be able to please themselves with a set of tools in luxury packaging, in which there is even a mirror with illumination. The truth for the exclusive will have to fork out – the price of the question EUR1400:

In general, we are waiting for the first of September to try the novelties sooner!

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