Premiere of the comedy "Well, Hello, Oksana Sokolova" at the cinema center "Karo 11 October" | Cinema


09 March 2018

One of these days, in the cinema center "Karo 11 October" premiere of the comedy "Well, hello, Oksana Sokolova" and already from yesterday all the comers can laugh at the cinemas.

The film was presented by the director Kirill Vasilyev producer Igor Tolstunov the main actors Viktor Dobronravov, Valentina Mazurin and Sergei Burunov actor Nikolai Shreiber and other members of the crew.

"This film, – the producer from the stage said Igor Tolstunov was born from the short film of the same name, which received awards of two festivals -" Kinotavr "and" Shorter "And the full-length picture turned out primarily thanks to the efforts of two producers – Andrei Rydanov and Pavel Popov.We tried to make a bright live and most importantly funny movie audience."

According to the story of the failed actor Ilya finally got lucky – from tomorrow his voice will be heard on the air "Men's Radio" . How not to note such an event! But in the morning the newly-minted presenter can not say a word – the voice after the stormy party disappeared completely. Half an hour before the air, prime time, signed contract – Ilya in a panic … The only way out – an injection in the vocal cords.

Only this, according to the doctor, can save the situation. And here is the host at the microphone. Everything is ready to air. Countdown. Ilya welcomes radio listeners … with a woman's voice! Becoming a hostage to an absurd situation, the hero goes to everything to get his voice back and not miss his chance.

To congratulate the creators of the film with the premiere and see the film came the actor Kamil Larin with his wife Ekaterina Andreeva Renat Davletiarov and Evgeniya Malakhova Anton Bogdanov, Vladimir Selivanov, Maria Lemesheva and many others.

Valentina Mazunina

Viktor Dobronravov

Sergey Burunov

Vladimir Selivanov

Anton Bogdanov

Renat Davletiarov and Yevgenia Malakhova

Kamil Larin with his wife Catherine Andreeva

Catherine Spitz

Maria Lemesheva

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